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About the AWA

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and encourage cooperation among entities for the development, protection, conservation and improvement of the total water resources for Ventura County.

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Join Us

Our resolution is to further the AWA mission ... to advance awareness on critical water issues, increase outreach for collaboration, serve as a resource to our local water industry, and keep our water communities connected.

AWA offers a wide array of informative meetings and events.

Who We Are

The Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County (AWA) was formed in 1976 to provide a forum for the exchange of information on local and regional water issues. AWA is governed by an 21-member board of directors comprised of leaders representing various water related entities in our region (agriculture, municipalities, water purveyors, small systems, industrial water users, private business, concerned citizens, students, etc.)

Regular meetings and special events are held to disseminate information, and encourage discussion and innovative solutions to water issues facing Ventura County.

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Executive Officers

Congratulations 2024 Newly Installed President, Officers and Directors” AWA Installation C
A DeMartini.jpg

Ann DeMartini

AWA President

DeMartini Enterprises


Susanne Cooper

AWA President Elect

Jensen Design & Survey, Inc.


Gregory J. Patterson

AWA Vice President

Musick Peeler Garret LLP


Sheldon Berger

AWA Treasurer

United Water Conservation District

laura Hamman.jpg

Laura Hamman

AWA Secretary

Gills Onions

Board of Directors


Brian Brennen, Director

Casitas Municipal Water District


Kevin McNamee, Councilmember

City of Thousand Oaks


Bruce Keubler, Director

Independent County Water Districts

Ventura River Water District

laura Hamman.jpg

Laura Hamman, Sustainability Manager

Major Industrial Water User

Gills Onions


Raul Avila, Director

Calleguas Municipal Water District


Andrew Thomas, Gov't Relations Manager

Southern California Edison


Susanne Cooper P.E., President


Jensen Design & Survey, Inc.


Bryan MacDonald, Mayor Pro-Tem

City of Oxnard

jeanette sanchez palacios.jpeg

Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios, Dep. Mayor

City of Ventura


Henry Molina, Production Operations Supervisor

Investor Owned Water Companies

California American Water


Ann DeMartini, President

Mutual Water Companies

DeMartini Enterprises, LLC

AWA President

janice parvin.jpeg

Janice Parvin, Supervisor

Ventura County Board of Supervisors

Greg_Patterson 2021.jpeg

Gregory J. Patterson, Attorney

Member-at-Large (Legislative Review)

Musick Peeler Garret LLP


Adel Hagekhalil, General Manager


Metropolitan Water District

Fred Thomas.jpg

Fred Thomas, Mayor

City of Simi Valley

pedro chavez.jpeg

Pedro Chavez, Councilmember

City Water Systems

City of Santa Paula


Danny Pereira, General Manager

Major Agricultural Water Systems

Rio Farms


Sheldon Berger, Vice President

United Water Conservation District

jay lewitt.jpeg

Jay Lewitt, President

Wastewater/Reclamation Operators

Las Virgenes MWD


Bobby Martinez, Council Member


Port Hueneme Water Agency


Scott Meckstroth, P.E.

Member-at-Large (AWA Committe)

AWA Water Symposium Chair

Alternate Directors

Calleguas Municipal Water District

Tibault Robert, Director

Casitas Municipal Water District

Pete Kaiser, Director

City of Oxnard

John Zaragoza, Mayor

City of Simi Valley

Wanda Moyer, Deputy Public Works Director

City of Ventura

Joe Schroeder, Mayor

City Water Systems

David Tennessen, Councilmember, City of Camarillo

Independent County Water Systems

Jared Bouchard, General Manager, Pleasant Valley County Water

Investor-Owned Water Companies

Scott Rigg, MPA Ops Supervisor, Golden State Water

Major Agriculture Water Systems

Will Pidduck, Farmer, Finch Farms LLC

Major Industrial Water User

Steve Gill, President, Gills Onions

Mutual Water Companies

Barney Caudill, General Manager, Farmers Irrigation Co.


United Water Conservation District

Steve Hueber, Board Director

Ventura County Board of Supervisors

Vianey Lopez, Supervisor, District 5

Wastewater / Reclamation Operators

Tony Spayd, Municipal Services Director

Member at Large (Utilities: Energy/Communication)

Ryan Adams, President, Geo-Links

Member at Large (Technology Research & Development)

City of Port Hueneme

Laura Hernandez, Council Member

Member at Large (Legislative)

Walter Wendelstein, Attorney, Wendelstein Law Group, PC

Member at Large

Diana Engle, PhD, Senior Scientist, Larry Walker Associates

Member at Large

Dee Zinke, Assistant General Manager, Metropolitan Water District



Kelle L. Pistone

Managing Director

MLJ Circle.png

Michelle Johnson

Event Coordination and Special Programs

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