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Refer to our 2024 Calendar of Meetings & Events
for detailed information of upcoming events

WaterIssues Comittee

Water Issues Committee
Members Only

Water Drops

Open to All AWA Members

Meeting are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

(except April, August, December)

90 minutes per meeting from 8:00am - 9:30am.

Located at United Water Headquarters: 1701 North Lombard Street #200, Oxnard CA 93030

Stacy.Roscoe WI Chair.jpg

Stacy Roscoe


AWA Member/Past President

A DeMartini.jpg

Ann DeMartini


AWA 2024-25 President

wanda moyer.jpeg

Wanda Moyer


AWA Alternate Director

lake bard.jpeg

Committee Charge


  • Assist in conflict resolution/avoidance whenever possible: Agency to Agency, Area to Area.

  • Consensus Building: Gather consensus to promote a united position and have great impact when appropriate.

  • Legislative Input: Unification of positions when appropriate. Use AWA as a forum to generate synergy.


  • Disseminate information, communication and education on issues studied through AWA Board of Directors, website, WaterWise Breakfast Meetings, Water Symposium, and special workshops.

Committee Standing Monthly Reports

The following items will be discussed at each meeting:

  • Watershed Reports: Calleguas (Henry Graumlich), Santa Clara (Bram Secru), Ventura (Mike Flood)

  • Water Legislation: Charlotte Holifield (CMWD), Mauricio Guardado (UWCD), Christine Frey (MWD)

  • County Water Resources (Arne Anselm)

  • Water Conservation / Efficiency (Wanda Moyer)

  • State Water Supply (Jacque McMillan)

  • Water Agency / Purveyors / Business Reports (Roundtable Open Discussion of Committee Members)

  • AWA Bulletin Board Reports (Kelle Pistone)

  • Focus Topic (Concentrated review/study of pre-selected water issue topic from "Plan of Work". Topic changes each month.


Water Supply

  • Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) / Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs)

  • Regional and Conjunctive Use under GSPs (as it pertains to regions)

  • Basin Group Updates (LPUG, OX-PV, Basin Group, Mound/Fillmore-Piru, Upper Ojai, Ventura River etc.)

  • Projects (Supply, Resiliency, Storage, Augmentation, Sustainability etc.)

  • Imported Water

  • Stormwater Capture

  • Groundwater Recharge

Water Reclamation

  • Portable Reuse (i.e. Ventura Water Pure; Las Virgenes / Triunfo Pure Water, etc.)

  • Oxnard Water Project

  • Brackish Water (Sea Water Intrusion)

  • Desalination Projects (UWCD Extraction Barrier Brackish Water Project, LVMWD Deep Sea, etc.)

  • Local Recycled Water Projects

Regionalization / Collaboration

  • Multi-Benefit Water Projects and Interagency Cooperative Projects

  • Ventura County Agricultural Irrigated Lands Group (VCAILG) Updates

  • Purveyors Water Supply Alternative Studies

  • Water Resource Plans (Comprehensive Water Resource Planning)

  • California Water Resilience Portfolio (State Mandate on Water Usage/Delivery/Retailers)

  • MS4 Stormwater Permit - Watershed Management Planning Efforts

Funding &
Cost Issues

  • Rate Setting

  • Best Practices

  • Cost/Value of Water

  • Grants/Bonds


  • Public Outreach of Countywide Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Legislative/Regulatory/Policy Related Outreach (Watch list prior to passage)


Channel Counties Water Utility Committee
A Sub-Committee of the Water Systems Committee

Water Drops

Meetings are in-person only

9 Scheduled Meetings per year. Orchid Building 816 Camarillo Springs Rd. Camarillo Ca

Meeting are typically held on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 11:30am - 1:30pm.

Networking, Luncheon, Keynote Speaker, DDW Contact Hour Certification 

Special workshops are held throughout the year (See AWA Calendar)

Annual Operator Technology Workshop (in-person) held in conjunction with AWA Water Symposium

33rd Annual in April 2025 (Date TBD)


Bret Sherman

Committee Chair

City of Thousand Oaks


Wes Richardson

Committee Vice-Chair

Calleguas MWD

AWA Director

Ann DeMartini, Water Systems Chair

Contact Hour Coordinator

Shawn Triplett, Las Virgenes MWD

Water Operator Math Workshop Coordinator (Distribution)

Julia Aranda, Casitas MWD

Disaster Preparedness

Daniel Cohen, Calleguas MWD


Eric Maple,City of Camarillo

Water Operator Math Workshop Coordinator (Treatment)

Mike Devlahovich City of Thousand Oaks

Committee Members

Frank Almazan, City of Santa Paula 


Tim Brown, City of Camarillo

Randy Castaneda, United Water

Mike Devlahovich, City of Thousand Oaks

Steve Kadowaki, United Water

Rocky Lundy, California Water Service

Brad Milner, Milner-Villa Consulting


Amy Mueller, Calleguas MWD

Tim Newsadder

Theo Provencio, Port Hueneme Water Agency

saticoy settling ponds.jpeg

Committee Charge

To provide local educational opportunities for area water operators, managers and field service workers in the areas of:

  • Safety

  • Maintenance

  • Technology

  • Regulatory Issues

EARN CONTACT HOURS: Programs provide valuable California Division of  Drinking Water (CDDW) operator contact hours.

Special Training Workshops on:

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Operator Distribution Math Refresher

  • Operator Treatment Math Refresher

  • Regulations

and more scheduled throughout the year (see AWA Calendar)

Disaster Comittee

Disaster Response Committee
A Sub-Committee of the Water Systems Committee

Water Drops

The Committee Chair, Daniel Cohen, holds quarterly meetings with the emergency committee to update the committee members on emergency planning and to plan workshops for emergency managers to aid in disaster planning and awareness. The emergency coordinators meetings enable water agencies to network for better coordination in the event of a disaster.


Daniel Cohen


Ventura County EOS Sheriff OES Water Representative

(Calleguas MWD)


Ann DeMartini

Vice Chair

AWA President Elect

Tony Huynh, United Water Conservation District

(on-call Ventura County EOC Sheriff OES Water Representative)

Ryan Adams, Geolinks

Jim Korkosz, Las Virgenes MWD

Greg Romey, Casitas Water District

WaterSystems Committee

Water Systems Committee

Water Drops

Meeting Times and Locations Vary.

Meetings are 1 hour and Workshops 3 - 4 hours.


Ann DeMartini


AWA 2024-25 President 

AWA Water Systems Committee
Mission Statement

The goal of the AWA Water Systems Committee is to assist the smaller water systems in providing safe and reliable water supplies within Ventura County.

To achieve this mission, the Committee shall:

  • Provide a forum to exchange information from a wide range of agencies and resources.

  • Identify and provide training and educational needs to the smaller utility operators and managers. 

  • Organize presentations and workshops with qualified speakers.

  • Encourage creative problem solving and solutions tailored to the smaller system.

  • Foster cooperation between agencies to improve water quality, reliability and supply by encouraging partnerships and engaging in public and small system advocacy.

santa felica dam.jpeg
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